Meet Our Team

Dr. Roger Cho

Owner / Founder

Roger is a practicing Spine Surgeon at the Foothills Hospital. Although medicine is his first love, he has a passion for cars and motorsports. Roger’s vision is to provide a unique and personalized experience for each customer at Konig Motors, whether you are purchasing or servicing your vehicle.

Pauline Wong


Pauline takes care of all the accounting operations at Konig Motors. These include financial reporting to paying the bills. Meticulous and thorough by nature, she truly enjoys and thrives in her role. Pauline is proud to be part of the dedicated and passionate team at Konig Motors.

Ben Tse

Service Manager

Ben has 20 years of experience in the automotive industry with extensive knowledge in auto parts and service. Ben's passion for automotive gives him a love for all types of vehicles, no matter the make, model, or year. Always with our customer's best interests in mind, Ben ensures our clients have a clear understanding of their vehicles by explaining and answering questions about any detail or repair work performed.

Adam Brown

Lead Technician

Adam is a Certified Red Seal Technician who has an extensive background in European and domestic vehicles. Adam’s no-nonsense attitude complements his perfectionist nature. He thoroughly enjoys working with customers. With any work that is performed, Adam will clearly outline what is involved and he will take the time to make sure customers are educated about their own vehicles.

Brandan Grenon “Red”

Certified Technician

Brandan is a certified technician with over 8 years experience in the automotive repair industry. He is a valuable new addition to Konig Motors with his specialized knowledge and experience in engine repair. Brandan has an inviting, happy, and outgoing disposition and is known as “Red” to his colleagues and clients. He is enthusiastic about his work and looks forward to mastering his trade one project at a time.

Trent Metlowsky

Professional Detailer

Trent brings with him over 25 years of detailing experience including paint restoration and interior detailing. Trent is passionate about his work and while 25 years in this position seems like a long time Trent continuously looks for new techniques & strives for perfection.

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